Explore the forefront of innovation with our electromagnetic simulation and modeling services. Designed for accuracy and efficiency, we provide custom solutions that ensure your designs meet the pinnacle of innovation and compliance standards.


What is our Electromagnetic Simulation and Modeling Service?

Our electromagnetic simulation and modeling service offering is engineered to address complex electromagnetic challenges with precision. Through the integration of advanced technology and extensive expertise, we transform your CAD designs into detailed simulations and models, offering a broad range of capabilities:

  • Static, transient, and frequency analysis.
  • Handling of both linear and nonlinear material responses.
  • Comprehensive coverage from low to high frequencies.

Designed for a variety of applications, from high-voltage transmission cables to high-frequency device testing, our goal is to provide you with accurate insights. These insights empower you to refine your designs for optimal performance and compliance.

We do more than just simulations; we deliver comprehensive solutions to enhance the performance and compliance of your designs, supporting you in the analysis, innovation, and deployment of your intellectual property.


Key Benefits of our Electromagnetic Simulation and Modeling Service

Explore the significant features and benefits of our electromagnetic simulation and modeling service:

  • Precision and Detail: Leverage our high-fidelity simulations for accurate and comprehensive modeling of electromagnetic behavior.
  • Tailored solutions: Every simulation is customized to align with the unique requirements of your project, ensuring solutions that truly fit.
  • Streamlined Efficiency: Benefit from our process optimizations that accelerate your project's progress without sacrificing quality.
  • Advanced Analysis Tools: Utilize cutting edge analysis tools for deeper insights and more effective interpretations of your simulation data.
  • Expert Support: Gain access to our team of specialists, ready to provide guidance and support at every step of your project.

We're committed to enhancing your project's success with our electromagnetic simulation and modeling expertise.


Ensuring Compliance with SAR Limits in RF Antenna Design

Understanding the challenge: Designing RF antennas is a complex process, particularly when it comes to Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limits. These limits are essential for ensuring both user safety and regulatory compliance. Navigating these requirements can be challenging, as it requires a balance between performance and safety standards.

Our Solution: We tackle this challenge head-on with a combination of specialized numerical tools and comprehensive physical testing and certification services . Our approach is designed to guide you seamlessly through the entire compliance process. By ensuring that the energy emitted from your RF antennas remains within SAR limits, we help maintain design integrity without sacrificing performance. Our expertise lies in navigating these complex regulations to ensure your designs are both efficient and compliant.


Addressing Electrical Stress and Insulation Failure

Understanding the challenge: One of the critical concerns in electromagnetic device design is predicting electrical stress that might lead to insultation failure. Such failures can have significant implications for both safety and functionality.

Our Solution: Our electromagnetic simulation and modeling service uses advanced numerical simulation tools to predict local stress within devices. By identifying these stress points, we can offer targeted advice on design modifications and material selection to mitigate the risk of insulation failure. This proactive approach helps ensure the longevity and safety of your designs, providing peace of mind and reliability.


Managing Thermal Limits in Product Design

Understanding the challenge: Keeping thermal limits in check is vital in product design, especially for devices with electrical components. An accurate analysis of electromagnetic heat sources is crucial for developing effective cooling solutions and maintaining product integrity.

Our Solution: Our service extends beyond basic electromagnetic loss predictions. With our Multiphysics capabilities, we conduct comprehensive thermal studies, fully coupling them with electromagnetic analyses. This allows us to provide a detailed understanding of thermal behaviors in addition to identifying Joule, induction magnetic, and dielectric losses. Our holistic approach ensures your product designs are not only efficient but also reliable and safe, maintaining thermal integrity for enhanced performance.

Richard Chippendale

Richard Chippendale

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Services and Capabilities

In our electromagnetic simulation and modeling services, we focus on precision, efficiency, and innovation. Our capabilities are tailored to support your project's success:

  • High Frequency (RF) Simulations: Expertly crafted for electromagnetic analysis, our RF simulations ensure your designs achieve peak performance and regulatory compliance.
  • Fully Coupled Microwave Heating Analysis: Discover heating uniformity with our microwave heating simulations, designed for optimal energy distribution and performance.
  • Subsea Cable Rating Methodologies: We specialize in electromagnetic simulation for subsea cable rating, providing precise loss calculations for enhanced reliabilities.
  • High Voltage Cable Temperature Profiles: Our electromagnetic modeling service includes detailed temperature profiles for high voltage cables, ensuring safe and efficient operation in complex environments.


Why Choose 97ɫɫӰԺ?

Choose 97ɫɫӰԺ for an unparalleled combination of expertise in electromagnetic simulation and modeling services. Why settle for the baseline in compliance and performance when you can redefine the standards? Learn more about us. 

How does your service help with SAR pre-certification?

Our service assists in SAR pre-certification through modeling, a practical alternative when physical measurements face limitations. We're expanding our accreditation to include IEC standards and have experience with ISED RSS 102-NS-SIM, enhancing our support for your compliance needs.

How do you manage unexpected electromagnetic effects?

We utilize system modeling against relevant standards to identify and mitigate undesirable electromagnetic effects. This approach ensures compliance and optimizes design performance by addressing potential issues early on in the development process.

Can your service offer protection against lightning strikes?

Yes, we recommend design adjustments such as repositioning components or using metal enclosures for shielding. These strategies aim to enhance device safety and integrity by mitigating lightning strike risks.

“Numerical simulations expose often hidden worlds of electromagnetics, allowing us to enhance design and efficiency for our clients.”

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