About Me

My name is Miroslav Jeliaskoff but most people know me as Miro, the computer geek that went to Schulich School of Business and got what is missing in most IT environments – the business perspective. I’d like to add that I am passionate about the human factor behind all new smart inventions.

Lately, I am getting a better understanding of motivation and people’s behavior. That is why I went back to school to learn more from the experts who have already made it. And, because most engineering environments are focused on products and results they rarely think of the people that create it all. As once a famous person said:

“Technology is not enough”

— Steve Jobs

I love software development and hi-tech. I have been a coder, a designer, a developer, an analyst, a tester, and a project manager. Now I am a CTO of a company that is developing a new type of social media – tout.it – one that you will experience very soon.

In my long software related career, I have stumbled upon countless challenges and I have solved most of them. At the same time, I have seen quite a few that were not related to code. That is why I have decided to put together a place for discussion, a blog I want to share my experiences in both coding and people – the combination of software and the human factor.

I am moving my managerial blog here. I am working on few minor details of this CMS and combining the software with the management. Until then, you can follow me on Twitter (@MiroJeli) or check my LinkedIn profile.