Variables in CSS3 without pre-processing

Finally, one of the big guys on the web-browsing scene implemented custom variables in CSS3 without pre-processing. Firefox 31 enabled usage of any custom variables directly in your browser if you declare them in the :root.

:root {
    --main-text-color: orange;

#foo {
    color: var(--main-text-color);

Check out the sample code on jsfiddle here to see it in action.

This is just a glimmer of hope so developers will not need additional tools and extensions to their development environments.  Firefox had it as a functionality, which you had to switch on to use it in version 29. Now, everyone has it on by default.

At this point (October 31, 2014) though, IE, Chrome, and Edge, are still behind and do not support custom variables. I expect them to start an argument of the syntax soon. You should probably still use LESS or SASS and pre-process your variables.

So, do not use it yet.

UPDATE (June 20, 2016)

Now, Chrome support the feature as well.

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AngularJS and Apps for Office Integration Issues

I was looking into Microsoft’s Apps for Office and, of course, wanted to use AngularJS to make the project more fun an easy to build. The moment I added Angular routing, my Office project started breaking. I could still run the web project by itself but when I started the actual App for Office, it gave me the error 10 $digest() iterations reached.

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Top 3 Tools and Extensions for Visual Studio

Many people use Visual Studio in their everyday work but for one reason or another they do not use its full potential. What Microsoft does is building and releasing versions (2010, 2012, 2013) and later releasing Visual Studio Update packages, which fix bugs but also improve the functionality. I have worked with a lot of developers and am still surprised some pay for plug-ins that are already covered by open source extensions. Please don’t be one of them and use the free ones.

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Parallax Effect – Scrolling a Box Using jQuery

In here, I will show you how to use a parallax effect of scrolling a box using jQuery. Parallax came a few months ago and is already on the way out of the web world. At the same time, the concept I am discussing can be used for anything you want to pamper your webpage with. So, if you are still interested, please bear with me.

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Convert XML File to Classes

I see so many questions, articles, and tools on how to convert XML file to classes in C# or VB.NET and I am disappointed people are missing something extremely simple. If you are using any of the most recent versions of Visual Studio, this functionality is built-in. Yes, you heard me. No need to install tools or use serializers and deserializers.

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