Composition vs Inheritance in JavaScript

I was showing some of our juniors how to develop basic things in JavaScript and I realized there is a century-old (he-he) question – What to use: Composition or Inheritance when creating a hierarchy of objects?

In highly structured languages like C#, the answer of the question is kinda obvious. Yes, it’s use Inheritance of classes. But this question comes more and more with TypeScript, React, and other languages based on JavaScript. There JS’s flexibility still exists but the creators want you to use the power of the classes. 

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AngularJS and Apps for Office Integration Issues

I was looking into Microsoft’s Apps for Office and, of course, wanted to use AngularJS to make the project more fun an easy to build. The moment I added Angular routing, my Office project started breaking. I could still run the web project by itself but when I started the actual App for Office, it gave me the error 10 $digest() iterations reached.

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