Convert XML File to Classes

I see so many questions, articles, and tools on how to convert XML file to classes in C# or VB.NET and I am disappointed people are missing something extremely simple. If you are using any of the most recent versions of Visual Studio, this functionality is built-in. Yes, you heard me. No need to install tools or use serializers and deserializers.

Read More in JOLT – the exciting and funded start-up I am a co-founder of – got into JOLT and we are part of the inaugural group. It is the second day and we met so many interesting and connected people that it is already worth the efforts. All comes with a cost – no sleep for two days and intense schedule filled with meetings you cannot miss.

If you do not know it, JOLT is a technology accelerator dedicated to building high-growth web and mobile companies that promise to transform the way consumers and enterprises interact with technologies. The incubator is focused on Canadian entrepreneurs and I am happy that got in. On the top of that, the other 5 ideas look quite ground-breaking. It is obvious there is potential for the business future of Canada.

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Lesson learned: Changed Webhost

You may have noticed that my site was down for awhile. Apparently, my host decided that I was breaking some unwritten rules and shut my site down. I wanted to fix it but their responses were so slow that it was faster to open a new hosting account at GoDaddy and move everything there.

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What is a Splendoid?

Everyone is asking what Splendoid is? I am surpriosed people do not know. It is a method of software development that helps making any workplace very desirable, comfortable, and pleasant for software geeks to trive.

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The Beginning

My name is Miroslav Jeliaskoff but most people know me as Miro, the computer geek that went to Schulich School of Business and got what is missing in most IT environments – the business perspective. I’d like to add that I am passionate about the human factor behind all new smart inventions.

Lately, I am getting a better understanding of motivation and people’s behavior. That is why I went back to school to learn from the people who have already made it. Most engineering environments are focused on products and results. Rarely, they think of the people that create it all. As Steve Jobs once said – “Technology is not enough”.

I am porting my managerial blog here. Until then, you can follow me on Twitter, check my LinkedIn profile, and see me on Facebook.

It will all be ready before the end of March. See you soon!


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