Azure is Free

I keep stumbling upon people that do not have a clue of what Windows Azure is, which makes them not only oblivious but also missing a great opportunity. I started looking into it when it was still a release candidate. I have a few friends at the “big giant” who hooked me up with the service and I experimented quite a bit. It was an interesting experience and I was a bit surprised that administration of the service was simple and size of services are absolutely enough for 90% of my businesses.

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Expanding the pie – one app at a time

This morning, I went to check how many people downloaded my Windows Phone apps and I was surprised to see that the WaterClock has become quite popular. So far, 850 downloads and it is increasing every day. On one hand, it makes me proud, but on the other hand, it just shows that everyone can try and implement an idea, which catches up people’s attention. Do not forget I have two other apps and they are not that popular, although the total downloads for all three is more than 1,100 now. It just means everyone should keep trying and one of the many ideas, unexpectedly, will succeed.

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Oops! I did it again


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CAReminder WP7 app

inally, it is here – my first Windows Phone app. I was surprised how easy it was to develop it using Silverlight and VS 2010 Professional. With all the information and source code available on the Internet it was less than a week for me to have a beta and few days later I had the final release.

As most of the new inventions, the app came from a problem I had:

When someone gets in a car accident, they are stressed and may forget to gather important information needed by insurance companies or the police. CAReminder is an easy-to-use tool that will list this critical information. It will also store it and e-mail it when they needs it.

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