Expanding the pie – one app at a time

This morning, I went to check how many people downloaded my Windows Phone apps and I was surprised to see that the WaterClock has become quite popular. So far, 850 downloads and it is increasing every day. On one hand, it makes me proud, but on the other hand, it just shows that everyone can try and implement an idea, which catches up people’s attention. Do not forget I have two other apps and they are not that popular, although the total downloads for all three is more than 1,100 now. It just means everyone should keep trying and one of the many ideas, unexpectedly, will succeed.

Don’t worry! I am not going to do what most developers do – see a potential and try to monetize. I still believe we should give away everything we can afford. It is not what you can get out of it but what other people can get. I spend a few hours of my time and I think user got more than the value I invested. So, we created value out of nothing. Together, we expanded the pie.

So, I have few other ideas and I think that this weekend I will try to do one of the simple ones. Stay tuned. Don’t hold your breath. The release cycle at Microsoft Marketplace is a few weeks but it is ok. It will be … guess what … FREE again! No ads, no gimmicks. That’s a promise!