Share a Mouse and a Keyboard Between Two Computers

Just stumbled upon a great tool I want to share with you. I am always having many screens on my desk and lately I work on 2-3 computers at the same time. What I hate(d) the most was to look for which mouse to grab for the computer I wanted to work on. For us – computer geeks – it is common and frustrating, right? That is no more. I saw a year ago a prototype of sharing a mouse and a keyboard between several Windows 8 devices. I wanted that but today I found that you can share a single mouse and keyboard between many computers.

There is a free tool that lets you connect many computers to allow them to share one mouse and one keyboard. You can stack them any way you want. You can Copy and Paste files and also drag-drop stuff too. On top of that, Windows Phone and tablet remote control users can use it too. YES!

The tool is called Mouse without Borders and works on all Windows versions. It made my life easier and I wanted to share the goodness with you too.

Mouse Without Borders

No, it’s not screen sharing or virtualization or Remote Desktop. As far as I can see, it is created for local networks. Obviously not many people have their cousins in Mexico wanting to share one mouse. It has security and many options, including prevention of screen savers, blocking the movement at the screen edges (useful for Windows 8), and many more.

And, yes, it is Microsoft approved, so don’t worry, it is compatible and updated often enough, judging by the change log. It has a community support site, which helps a lot. I would love to see number of downloads to know I am not alone with my geek problem.

P.S. Best discovery ever. And, I am not affiliated with anyone and just sharing my excitement with you geeks.